Advanced automation

The introduction of numerous automation systems, anthropomorphic robots for handling and an inhouse design department able to adopt cutting-edge, customised solutions for every need, means Techpol Srl has become established as one of the few industry 4.0 companies. An important feature of the Techpol Srl factories is a logistic line that is 250 metres long, connecting the whole production plant to the central quality control area, packaging and storage.

Every day at Techpol Srl, 2,200 shuttles are moving, each of which autonomously covers a distance of around 7 km, between production and packaging, self-regulated by machines.

After unloading the products into the inspection and packing area, each shuttle then moves to the waiting station until it receives a new input to move to the moulding machine to pick up other moulded material.
This is just one of the many solutions put in place by Techpol Srl to cut out activities with no added value, optimising production with a faster means of transport in a cleaner, more efficient working environment.