Techpol launches the new Anypipe brand

Even in this moment of great difficulty for the world economy, Techpol continues to innovate and launches on the market "Anypipe", the new brand for the molding of pipes through the exclusive PIT technology (Projectile Injection Technology) .

With this technology it is possible to produce in a single part a tube with bends and equipped with variously shaped attachment points.

PIT technology offers a number of advantages

  • design freedom in pipe production  
  • constant thickness for superior mechanical resistance
  • internal skin with a good surface roughness
  • fewer connections for an improved tightness of your system
  • all Metal Replacement advantages (reduced weight, similar resistance of metal parts, much lower costs)

With the acquisition of PIT technology, Techpol is able to respond with increasingly sophisticated solutions, in terms of performance and sustainability, to the needs of customers in the Automotive industry: a unique interlocutor with whom to design and build integrated systems and components.

At the same time this technology opens Techpol to new industrial sectors that will be able to benefit from it by making its products evolve towards higher performance and durability over time.

Visit the new dedicated website:

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