Plastic – Metal Inserts Co-molding Automation

Techpol on behalf of Zannini SPA has developed a production line for the overmolding of Nylon 66 30% glass fiber on a steel bush and a metal disc, therefore two metal inserts for each cavity of the mold; overmoulding takes place on a fully electric 200-ton injection machine with special plasticizing screw; the mold has 8 cavities.

There were many production issues at the beginning of the project:

  • weight of the plastic piece of only 0.5 gr
  • handling and orientation of steel bush with 1 degree accuracy in the mold
  • selection of metal disca with a diameter of 10 mm and thickness 1
  • loaded with 16 in-mold inserts
  • co-molding and automatic control

Thanks to our design and production department, Techpol has developed a line that guarantees the solution of the aforementioned critical issues and continuous production over 250 days per year.

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