New Plant Techpol CZ

Techpol CZ s.r.o. has moved its activities in a larger production plant of 3200 sqm, increasing its production capacity. 

The new plant has received IATF 16949 certification on 03/2022 and with a look to the future we are preparing to receive the TISAX certification (security of information in the automotive field) scheduled for 09/2022.

Major OEM customers have already certified our production site and other are about to do so.

The production area is 3,200 square meters and has:

• new presses ranging from 140TON to 450TON for plastic injection molding;
• 2 Cemas 901 welding machines: linear vibration, equipped with quality control (which identifies whether the welding process has been compliant or not, in which case the machines stop until the pieces are thrown into a segregated waste bin equipped sensor that will unlock the welding machine and proceed with the next cycle);
• 1 Sirius SWP06: rotation welding machine;
• 3 Assembly and testing machines built internally by Techpol automation department that can work with different types of tools, tailor-made for the products to be produced.

The measuring laboratory is equipped with all the necessary instruments to perform the various checks:

• Moisture scale, to determine when to start the molding phase based on the optimum humidity of the polymer after the drying period;
• Precision scale;
• Profiles projector;
• 3D machine, to detect all relevant measurements on the pieces, such as surface planarity, perpendicularity between planes, positions, diameters and so on;
• Dial comparator;
• surface roughness meter;
• Digital micrometer;
• Dynamometer, to evaluate the extraction force for assembled inserts, such as bushings;
• Torque wrench, to evaluate the torque force as for the co-molded threaded inserts;
• Vernier caliper;
• Burst Testing Unit, to perform burst tests on welded parts, to evaluate the strength and quality of the welded parts.

We would like to thank our CEO Giovanni Romagnoli, who has been running the plant since 2016 with great passion and determination, setting demanding objectives for the growth of Techpol in the Czech Republic.

The idea of founding Techpol Cz in the Pilsen area was born from the two founders of Techpol Italy: Maurizio and Giuliano Romagnoli, with the aim of matching customer’s demand for localization of production. SOP in the Czech plant was in 2016 under the responsibility of the current CEO Giovanni Romagnoli, since 2016 many investments have been made such as the purchase of 3 new injection molding machines, another 2 planned in 2022, the acquisition of a larger plant and much more.
Currently Techpol counts 185 people (170 in Italy and 15 in Pilsen).

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