About us

Techpol Srl has 40 years of experience in business and is a leading company in the design and injection moulding of thermoplastics to produce parts used in the automotive, electrotechnical, and fitness industries, to name a few.
Thanks to continued investments into innovation, R&D, and in enhancing the skills of our workforce, we have been able to implement a production process that has become increasingly technology-based and high precision. In 1996, we became OEM supplier to the Audi-Volkswagen Group.
This radical development allowed us to consolidate our collaboration relationship with major car manufacturers in and outside Europe.
We have an Integrated Quality-Environment Management System that complies with the IATF 16949:2016, UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 standards and the QSB standard required by General Motors.

The knowhow we have achieved over the years has allowed us to stand out on the markets for our extremely high quality and technological standards.

  • Expertise
  • Reliability
  • Efficiency
  • Flexibility
  • Availability
  • High degree of productivity

are what place the company among the top suppliers of the world's major car manufacturers.


Founded by Maurizio and Giuliano Romagnoli, today the governance of Techpol is shared with the second generation: Alessandra, Giovanni, Marco.




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Our current market position sees us involved in the design, moulding and assembly of plastic components. Our priority aim is to offer our current customer base all of the assistance services that may be needed.
This is why Techpol Srl has put in place a solid structure, able to guarantee excellent performance in the injection moulding sector and to offer a professional, courteous service to all customers in a relationship based on transparency, clarity and cooperation.
We have an excellent technical staff that provides design, modelling, production engineering, style and calculation, constantly based on the very latest new features in the trade; the co-designing service we offer customers guarantees accurate project management from the earliest stages, supported by a measurement lab to test the dimensional measurements of moulded and assembled parts.
Our young, highly motivated and dynamic staff is constantly seeking new design solutions.
Techpol Srl can guarantee certified quality compliant with VDA, ASTM, ISO, DIN and UNI norms, tried and tested in our Laboratory using next-generation instruments.
The Sales Department creates a sales plan and implements it directly on the market; it also promotes a range of highly specialised products with the aim of completing and differentiating the range of services offered.

Code of ethics


With Legislative Decree no. 24 of 10 March 2023 (Official Gazette 15.03.2023), Directive 2019/1937 was implemented regarding the protection of people who report violations of national or European Union regulatory provisions which harm the public interest or the integrity of the public administration or private entity, of which they became aware in a public or private working context: so-called Whistleblowing discipline. In order to proceed with the report, read the relevant Procedure and the Privacy Policy and continue in the appropriate area.