New Jewel 'home made'

A new home made jewel is born: a new machine for the metal inserts assembly on plastic components.

The design and construction took place in Techpol by the Robotics & Automation Team led by Luca Chiodi, a brilliant guy who has been working in Techpol for over 15 years.

The equipment is powered as follow:

• 1 80 kg Fanuc Fanpiece Robot for Last Generation Manipulation with Profinet Inerge on Fieldbus and Additional Force Control Options

• 1 Adept Sara, Cobra 600

• Safety package for the robot to check the areas with the relative securety signals

• Schunk quick connector for automatic tool changer

• Latest generation of Siemens Plc with Profibus and Profisafe Interfaces for Bus Safety Control

• Machine safety system set to Profisafe Fieldbus on IO Link

• On-board wiring with pre-wired connector system

• 8-inch Man / Machine Interface HMI Panel with Ubiquiti Integrated for Remote Control of all Production Plant

• IO Link Sensor for monitoring all sensitive parameters of the production process

The equipment is able to assemble 2,500 inserts per hour (1 insert per 1.44 seconds)

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