Installation of the Rheometer in the Techpol laboratory

Before Christmas, we had the pleasure to host the Magnifico Rettore dell'Università degli Studi di Camerino, Professor Claudio Pettinari, together with professors Corrado Dincola and Riccardo Pettinari, due to the installation of Modular Rheometer Anton Paar MCR 102, with whom Techpol will be able to control a lot of polymeric parameters which  identify with precision the nature of the polymer itself.

This sophisticated machinery, which works in stress control and/or speed control, will give to Techpol the opportunity to measure the viscosity and the various controlled temperature cutting modules.

This, will allow to have control protocols for:

  • Strain Sweep measurements to evaluate linear visco-elasticity at different temperatures and flow point measurement;
  • Frequency sweep measurement and for modules and zero shear viscosity determination;
  • Temperature Sweeo measurements to determinate transaction phases (Tg, T softering, etc.);

And to characterize the polymer in a through way, to guarantee accorded specifics and find solutions to reach new product excellence objectives and in the way of Metal Replacement and circular Economy.

The Reometer will be applied also in the PhD “EUREKA” titled “POLYMER COMPOSITE MATERIAL FOR METAL REPLACEMENT”, a project recently started and carried with synergy on by Regione Marche, Unicam and Techpol.

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