Let's go towards the future: our wishes for Happy Holidays

The great challenges we are facing require a deep rethinking of the development model.

The circular economy represents the paradigm on which Techpol is inspired as a realistic solution to combine, through innovation, competitiveness and environmental sustainability.

In 2020, our commitment to sustainability was aimed at:

  • to the purchase of full electric and hybrid injection moulding machines of 100, 150, 200, 550 and 850 tons, with which the company fully enters into the dictates of Impresa 4.0 and above all allows substantial energy savings that will lead to a decisive reduction of CO2 in the atmosphere;
  • at the beginning of a PhD with the University of Camerino about the study of thermoplastic polymeric materials used by the company with a view to innovation and quality control for an efficient and sustainable use of resources at the service of a true and complete circular economy, with particular attention and interest in all those potential bioplastic polymers that may come from alternative sources to fossils (hemp, biomass, rice waste, etc.).

 With the hope of going forward confidently to the future, we wish you and your families a Merry Christmas.

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